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We are certified & registered locksmiths who provide emergency locksmith services for everyone throughout Guelph ON & surrounding areas. We offer a mobile call service for your convenience. We specialize in offering locksmith services for automotive, residential, and commercial properties in various locations for people in need of locksmiths in Guelph & surrounding areas. Whether you have searched for a car locksmith near me or a locksmith near me for car, you can depend on us to get you back on the road quickly.

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24 hour locksmith services

At 009 Locksmith Services, we proudly serve as your trusted locksmith service provider. Our trained and specialized team of locksmith in Guelph & surrounding areas is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your home, business, or vehicle. As your local locksmith experts, we emphasize transparency, providing top-notch workmanship, and offering personalized service. Whether anyone is in search of a locksmith near me or a locksmith for automobiles, 009 Locksmith Services guarantees peace of mind for his home, business, or vehicle will receive comprehensive support, ensuring complete coverage during our service.

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Serving locksmith services since 2018

We offer top-notch residential, commercial, and auto locksmith services, ensuring reliable service at a reasonable cost.

Best Locksmiths: We are Always Available for Solutions on your demand.

Explore our budget-friendly locksmith services in Guelph ON & surrounding areas. From homes to businesses and cars, we've got you covered with affordable solutions.

If you need help with your key duplication service & auto key replacement solution, 009 Locksmith Services is the first one you should call. When you’re searching for auto locksmith near me or automotive locksmiths near me, we are the solution to your problems.
If you’re searching for, near me locksmith & car key locksmith near me, whether you require immediate commercial locksmith solutions or ongoing support in Guelph ON & surrounding areas., you can trust us to meet your needs with prompt and reliable service.

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Fully Licensed, Equipped & Experienced

Certified Locksmiths

Our certified locksmiths, ensuring precision, reliability, and peace of mind for all your lock and key needs.

Customer Support

Dedicated to your satisfaction, our customer support team is here around the clock to turn your queries into solutions.

Reliable Service

Count on us for a dependable experience – where reliability is not just a promise but a commitment to your satisfaction.

Quickest Response

Quick solutions at your
doorstep – experience the assurance of our quickest response time.

Extensive Knowledge

We're the experts who keep it easy for you – our team's wide knowledge means we know how to make things clear and get it right.

Reasonable Cost

Quality solutions without breaking the bank – experience excellence at a reasonable cost with us.



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